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How to use BASIC-86 from Microsoft with SCP 8086 simulator

Was able to solve it: the provided disk was in a wrong format and you have to copy it to a blank SCP formatted disk: (you need hexedit, cpm and cpmtools) Create a blank IBM 3740 disk: dd if=/dev/zero ...
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Apple ][ nibble disk format specification

I've been generating documentation on various Apple II (and Macintosh) formats as part of the development of CiderPress II. The general layout of nibble data is described in this document, and the ...
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Apple ][ nibble disk format specification

There is no spec as such, except for the behaviour defined by what Saltine's Super Transcopy program does. (It's a great hack using the track read code from Essential Data Duplicator as mentioned here....
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How can I use ImageDisk (.IMD) images with VirtualBox, WinImage, etc.?

In case users need a third option: dumpfloppy, by Adam Sampson: This is a suite of tools for reading floppy disks in arbitrary formats supported by the PC floppy controller, and for working with the ...
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