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Looking for help understanding a 'Reciproot' routine on the Manchester Mark I (1951)

Summary The reciproot code calculates the reciprocal of the root using the Taylor-Series expansion around x = 1, that is, 1/sqrt(1+ε) = ∑_{k=0} (-1)ᵏ (2k)! / (2ᵏk)!² εᵏ or 1 1 1⋅3 ...
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What is the difference between CTSS and ITS?

One notable similarity that was not mentioned here is that the ITS file system architecture very closely resembles the CTSS file system. Both have Master File Directories (MFD) and User File ...
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What early computers were only able to print numbers?

By extending the common understanding of "computer" and "printing" to programmable pocket calculators and their displays: The Texas Instruments TI57, TI58, and TI59 had just seven ...
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