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No. I measured the voltage across the power pins before and after installing a new battery and observed a change from 0V to 3.6V. The three pins for the power switch are 3.6V, ground and ground, with this potential difference coming from the PRAM battery. Without a battery installed (or with a battery that's severely depleted) closing the switch does nothing ...


There are take apart guides a Google search away (including the official Apple Service Source one), but from what I can see, you remove the two front feet with a #2 Phillips screwdriver while the eMac is face down on an ESD mat, then use a 2.5mm hex screwdriver to remove the three large-headed screws around the access plate on the bottom, then the six screws ...


Yes, I pulled both dead pram batteries our of my emacs, they boot fine, just don’t keep settings when unplugged.

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