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Emulate a ZX Spectrum on a Memotech MTX 512 (4MHz Z80, 64KB RAM, TMS9929A VDP, …). Patches the ZX BASIC ROM to access different hardware, so BASIC programs run fine, but code that directly accesses hardware doesn’t.


Some game systems are designed so that when running games for older systems, they will behave in a way which would be indistinguishable from the earlier systems even by code which was trying to identify the new machine. Such machines behave consistently not only with respect to documented features of the original, but also with regard to undocumented ...


The Game Boy Color does not 'simulate' anything (*1), nor does it execute an emulation. It is simply an upward compatible and enhanced Game Boy design. The Game Boy Color is a Game Boy in all details, plus a colour screen added. Much like adding a 3dfx Voodoo card to a VGA equipped PC will add 3D capabilities, but not make any of the existing hardware ...

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