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Putting aside my concern that this question perhaps isn't ideal for this site (on the basis that the limited close votes so far suggest that I might be wrong about that), this answer is community wiki because it's a bit vague and waffling, and adjustments might be useful. You can implement the UI side of things however you like. Personally I try to make the ...


Quote from VICE manual: Load the specified file into memory. If no address is given, the file is loaded to the address specified by the first two bytes read from the file. If address is given, the file is loaded to the specified address and the first two bytes read from the file are skipped.


I have described such systems as “cycle-approximate”. Some research papers, I found in a short search session agree with this terminology. It is slightly broader than you use it here, and would indicate to me that some portion of the simulator was incomplete, for example cache modeling, prefetchers, or other complex micro-architectural or system/bus level ...


I have once read a blog post by the developer of mGBA, which simply uses ‘cycle-count accuracy’ for this property, and seems to imply this is an established term. Looking up this phrase in a search engine seems to weakly corroborate this, as I found a number of other resources where the same term appears: Paper: Mao-Lin Li, Chen-Kang Lo, Li-Chun Chen, Ren-...

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