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ZenithZ89 System Font

There's a maybe-good-enough-to-do OTF file here: scruss/HeathkitH19Font: an attempt to create an outline font of the Heathkit H19 terminal font. It was quite an involved process. HeathkitH19Font an ...
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ZenithZ89 System Font

The original character ROM of the H19 can be found at the bottom of this page, along with third-party character ROMs for enhanced versions of the system (SuperSet and GP19). Once you have the ROM, if ...
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ZenithZ89 System Font

The part of the Zenith Z89 you're interested in is the Heathkit H19. This is the component which contains the font you're asking about. This font can be found here. As I mentioned in a comment, a TTF ...
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