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Main board of the original Game & Watch (Ball)

I was involved with hardware remakes / clones of a few machines and we did reverse engineer one G&W game; I think it was Green House, if I remember well. The games are build around a custom ASIC ...
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Main board of the original Game & Watch (Ball)

It seems that they used the same circuitry (and processor) that were used for some calculators at the time. There was a limitation on the number of objects that could be displayed imposed by the ...
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Was the character in the Game & Watch series supposed to be his own unique character?

The character of Mr Game and Watch was created by Makato Kano. In an "Iwata Asks" interview from April 2010, Satoru Iwata describes him as being ... involved with every aspect of design, ...
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How were the electronics in the Elektronika IM (Электроника ИМ) designed?

Given that the clock part in the Электроника ИМ series, according to the wiki page, was not modified to support the customary in the USSR 24-hour mode, it is likely that there was no electronic design ...
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Main board of the original Game & Watch (Ball)

The processors used by Nintendo Game & Watch, are Sharp SM510 or SM511 microcontroller with embedded ROM, that are indeed used also in some calculator. MAME emulates all the Game & Watch (a ...
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Which LCD technology was used in Game and Watch?

Your assumptions are reasonable, TN is most likely. DSM appears never to have been mainstream. TN LCDs provided better visual quality at lower power and took over pretty much as soon as they were on ...
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