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Looking for an 8-bit microcomputer with a hardware-accelerated database

I believe you are referring to the seminal CAFS system introduced by ICL in the 1970s. This was a combination of a hard drive and a custom computer that performed database searches without the data ...
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HP Photosmart 620 stuck formatting SD memory card

Some cameras used multimedia cards (MMC), a standard which predated SD cards and which uses the same form factor, and with which SD cards are somewhat compatible. I don't remember the exact technical ...
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Was the IBM 5100 ever used for codebreaking?

I have an IBM 5100. There were some versions with APL-only and some versions with BASIC-only, while also yet another version that did have "the switch" as mentioned to toggle between either ...
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Was there ever a monospace display system (eg terminal) that used a vertical cursor?

I am going to suggest a reframe of the entire question. Before addressing the question of what the earliest cursors looked like, I want to ask what the cursor represented. From the very earliest text ...
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Was the IBM 5100 ever used for codebreaking?

Apologies, this didn't occur to me in my earlier Reply: There is also one other special feature of the IBM 5100. A long time ago with typewriters, you could backspace, and "overstruck" a new ...
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