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I don't know what environment they installed to run their software on the HP. The vendor did all the work. For all I know it was just raw COBOL with an IBM compatible runtime running on top of HP-UX. The most notable thing was that it require 3270 terminals (mostly unheard of in the Unix world). Recall a couple of things. All the IBM machines are, and have ...


There were a number of companies offering IBM 'compatible' mainframes - Hitachi, Fujitsu and Amdahl come to mind. IBM got slapped with an anti-trust suit when it tried to limit their operating systems for their machines only. There was also a lot of business in after-market terminals, printers, tape and disk drives etc. Amdahl was particularly successful in ...


Micro Focus COBOL will emulate at least 20 different COBOL dialects, and can compile and run on various platforms, including HP/UX (at least in older versions). It even has a CICS emulator. It's possible that the vendor was using this tool, or some other mainframe COBOL porting tool to move the application to the HP.

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