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Firstly, a little bit of background information. The Gotek is designed to work with a wide number of computers, not just IBM-compatibles. The original standard for floppy drives (designed by Shugart) allowed for up to four floppy drives to be connected to one controller. The controller would indicate which drive it wanted to communicate with by activating a ...


!! EDITED to reflect settings that I have tried on my Amiga to verify. You need the following jumper settings to have HxC correctly emulate two drives This is a picture of my actual drive - it's the SD version in shape of regular floppy drive. You can clearly see that ID0A and ID1B are set to ON. Nothing else. You also need to configure the SD card ...


I'd suggest moving the jumper from S0 to S1 - IBM compatibles expect drives to respond as Unit 1, not Unit 0.


Thanks for all the support! I resolved in the following way, hoping this could help someone else with the same doubts in the future. Connectors Jumpers on Gotek Resuming: 2 HxC Gotek drives (SFRM72-TU100K) on a 16bit-based XT-clone (cpu NEC V30 at 8MHz with 640MB RAM), 720Kb each, detected as A: and B:, read/write enabled, working well on MS-DOS (all ...

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