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Purposely registered here to let know. Sadly can't comment due to the 50 reputation limit Traditionally, the solution provided by Aoresteen is the best. Unfortunately, rloew has passed away in September 2019. Rest in peace The full version of his patch is now available for free, here


I don't think the color of the power switch signifies anything except the age of that model. Originally the power switches were red, and at some point they changed to white. Similarly, at some point the floppy drive eject button changed from large to small. It's just another minor styling change that was applied as time passed by.


So trough @Tommy's answer i was able to find the game i was looking for. Turns out it was a title called Zombie Wars, also known as Halloween Harry 2. Essentially it was a sequal to Alien Carnage released in 1996.


I'm going to venture a guess with Alien Carnage: It was a shareware title released initially as Halloween Harry but later retitled, and the plot revolves around aliens that turn people into zombies. Another notable gameplay element is the character's sometimes jetpack. It has a wikipedia page, which reports that at the time of the name change they also ...


Upgraded from a mere comment, my suggestion is the Psygnosis title The Killing Game Show (Amiga/ST), also released as Fatal Rewind (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis): It was released in 1990 for the computers and 1991 for the Sega; another notable element of the game besides the robot and metallic corridors is the rising water level that acts like a level timer. A ...


I suspect this is Robozone. It was released in 1991 on a number of platforms, including DOS PCs, and features a robot which looks similar to the ED-209: There’s a longplay of the Amiga version on; skip ahead to 5:30 to see the gameplay.


You can find it at The file you want is /demos/groups/future_crew/demos/ - the latest version. There are many other fantastic demos worth checking out, available there as well! It is an official archive. If you like Unreal, then you'll love its sequel, Second Reality! You can also find recordings of ...


Unreal Megademo, Future Crew, 1992 possibly? Certainly has all the elements you mention.

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