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Which keyboard replaced the IBM Model M?

In 1994 IBM introduced the Aptiva range. These machines were supplied with keyboards such as the KB-6323, which used a conventional (and cheaper) rubber dome mechanism (as opposed to the buckling-...
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Which keyboard replaced the IBM Model M?

In 1994, Lexmark created the Model M2, which was a buckling spring keyboard like the original Model M, but in a smaller and lighter case and somewhat cheaper to build. In the strict technical sense, ...
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How can I resolve these intermittent memory issues?

After removing some more components, and getting under the floppy drive with some light for inspection, I found three "Chhsi"-branded capacitors that were bulging. These caps are part of the ...
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Why did IBM skip "System/380" as a mainframe family name?

If you have a look at the announcements for the various System/XXX machines you mention, you'll notice a pattern: System/360, April 1964. System/370, June 1970. System/390, September 1990. Comments ...
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