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I don't think the color of the power switch signifies anything except the age of that model. Originally the power switches were red, and at some point they changed to white. Similarly, at some point the floppy drive eject button changed from large to small. It's just another minor styling change that was applied as time passed by.


Was it Ulysses, Tennyson's poem from Illuminated books and manuscripts (pub. IBM Educational Systems, 1992)?


This is not your typical model M! I can see why you like it. :) Honestly, a donated ps/2 cable from another keyboard would work the best. They usually have stress relief blocks molded on, and it should not be hard to make a slightly larger one fit with a sharp knife. Then just crimp or solder the new wire to your keyboard mainboard, and shinkwrap the ...


Replacement cables are available from Unicomp ( but you might not be able to get a coiled cord in the 'permanently attached' variant. They do appear to have coiled cords of the 'detachable' type, but you would need the corresponding socket on your keyboard (it looks vaguely like an RJ45 connector, but with plastic tangs on both ...

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