Requests to identify a game played on a retro platform, based on appearance in media or a recollection. See tag wiki for guidance on identification questions.

Game identification questions as such are not actively sought on this site, but are usually tolerated; cf. Does Retrocomputing want to be featured as a place to go for identifying retro games on Arqade?. After all, they can be considered a subcategory of software identification questions, which are generally considered on-topic: see .

When asking a game identification question based on a recollection, try to provide as many details as possible, including:

  • The time period when the game might have been made.
  • The platform on which the game ran.
  • Genre: puzzle, 2D arcade, 3D shooter.
  • Gameplay mechanics: real-time versus turn-based, inventory, weapons available, save slots.
  • Visuals: 3D (first-person, third-person) vs 2D (top-down, side-scroller); simple geometry vs pixel art vs true-colour sprites.
  • Control scheme: mouse vs keyboard vs gamepad.

If you wish to identify a game based on an appearance within a specific piece of media, your question might be accepted on Arqade as well (see their guidelines). Another venue where you might direct your question is /r/tipofmyjoystick on Reddit.