Requests to identify a game played on a retro platform, based on appearance in media or a recollection. See tag wiki for guidance on identification questions.

Game identification questions as such are not actively sought on this site, but are usually tolerated. After all, they can be considered a subcategory of software identification questions, which are generally considered on-topic: see .

Relevant Meta discussions:

When asking a game identification question based on a recollection, try to provide as many details as possible, including:

  • The time period when the game might have been made. (If it’s significantly later than 2000, the question will probably not be received well.)
  • The platform on which the game ran.
  • Genre: puzzle, 2D arcade, 3D shooter.
  • Gameplay mechanics: real-time versus turn-based, inventory, weapons available, save slots.
  • Number of players and multiplayer set-up: single-player only, split-screen, player turns, network multiplayer.
  • Visuals: 3D (first-person, third-person) vs 2D (top-down, side-scroller); simple geometry vs pixel art vs true-colour sprites.
  • Control scheme: mouse vs keyboard vs gamepad.

Last but not least, use a descriptive title for your question that summarises key identification criteria. Don’t merely write ‘what was this game from my childhood’, ‘help me identify this game’ or something equally vague.

If you wish to identify a game based on an appearance within a specific piece of media, your question might be accepted on Arqade as well (see their guidelines). See also their list of alternative venues for such questions.