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Found it! Thanks to the excellent PET game database, it turns out I was looking for Attack!


As Tommy already suggests it's a fake setup. The keyboard shown is of a Kaypro 10 with the Kaypro Logo (and parts of the white frame) painted over. As an 1800 USD portable not exactly the 'core' of a '100,000 USD' system. Graphics them self are clearly made up from a computer generated background and avartar, though the avatars scaling turning and movement ...


It looks to me like Demon Stalkers (1987).


Per Magnum Mania that episode first aired on the third of January 1985, meaning it was filmed in 1984, predating all of the computers that you would expect both to be able to display graphics like that and to be a target for video games. I'm therefore inclined to agree with most of that site's analysis: The game seen in the episode is not a real game at ...

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