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Unfortunately, the reason for random freezes can be hard to identify as a lot of different failure modes can lead to this outcome. Try to get hold of a bootable burn-in test program that works with a machine of this vintage that will put predictable and repeatable pressure on the CPU, RAM and I/O and see if there is any pattern in it triggering freezes. Fx ...


Educated guess: The Windows setup routines probed hardware for non-PnP devices. Perhaps there was a "killer poke" in the BIOS of these laptops that caused damage when the probe ran. Perhaps you could ask Raymond Chen? He seems to enjoy answering questions about the minutiae of Windows 95, and this seems like the kind of question he might just be ...


My mother-in-law just dropped up a 280dx for my son to disassemble. It has the CD-ROM drive if you're still looking, DM me.

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