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How did IBM's "Mag Card" drive and magnetic media work?

The Generation 1 Mag Cards used a different method of reading and writing on that card, being it wrote on the card with every key stroke. Editing functions were limited compared to the Mag Card II/A ...
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2 votes

Developing an application in the era of cassette tapes (audio-tapes)

For building an application to be loaded from tape, using either the target computer expanded with additional storage (and perhaps memory) or doing cross-development from a more powerful microcomputer ...
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How can I restore a TapeDisk backup on a modern PC?

You may be able to access your tape drive from Windows. Drivers and utilities were available for the tape drive from Sony up to 64-bit Windows XP, eg at (unverified)
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1 vote

Name of Commodore tape format?

How did Commodore call their tape format? Hmm, what's wrong with Tape Format? It must have had a specific name, right? Does it? If you insist, maybe try CTF or 'Commodore (PET) Tape Format'? But ...
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