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I remember now seeing an LGR Oddware video a few months back about an ISA card for MS-DOS PCs that allowed you to write save states. I think he demoed it on Crystal Caves but I don't recall what the product was called (probably another Datel product). I also can't remember if it saved to memory or hard disk... will try and find the video for more details.


There existed at least two such devices for the Super Nintendo: The NakiTek Game Saver and Game Saver+. I haven't seen a picture of the base version but the plus version is a bulky Super Nintendo cartridge with a slot on the back to plug the actual game cartridge into. The difference between the two is that the plus version supports using AC power or AA ...


ZX Spectrum compatible Didaktik Kompakt had the ability built in - pressing CAPS SHIFT, left arrow and right arrow together saved current state to the floppy (it used a few bytes on the stack, so it could fail sometimes).


Yes, two examples of these are the Final Cartridge and the KCS Power cartrdige for the Commodore 64. Both allowed the C64 to be "frozen" upon pressing a button on the cartridge and then via a menu the state of the system could be saved to either tape or disk. These states could then at some later point be re-loaded into the system and the C64 would ...


For the Spectrum, the Microdriver (by Mirage) and the Multiface (by Romantic Robot) had the ability to save the state of memory, to cassette, Microdrive or the Spectrum +3's floppy drive. This state file could then be reloaded. Later versions of the Microdriver also had the ability to do an uncompressed dump of memory, which was not intended to be reloaded. ...


From Rodrigo Copetti’s analysis, The RDP relies on 4 KB of TMEM (Texture memory) as a single source to load textures. Unfortunately, in practice 4 KB happened to be insufficient for high-resolution textures. Furthermore, if mipmapping is used, the available amount of memory is then reduced to half. As a result, some games used solid colours with Gouraud ...

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