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Purposely registered here to let know. Sadly can't comment due to the 50 reputation limit Traditionally, the solution provided by Aoresteen is the best. Unfortunately, rloew has passed away in September 2019. Rest in peace The full version of his patch is now available for free, here


Adding a little information to the existing and accepted answer. I concur with the answer that the STRETCH (the IBM 7030) was likely the first commercially-available computer to use ECC memory, in conjuction with the 7302 core storage. For evidence that STRETCH had ECC, I point you to: -- this description from 1959 -- see page 13, checking principles -- ...


The latest research shows that while writes are properly defined (ignored), reads are not. tl;dr: You will get a value with some bits reset. Slightly more expanded: The behavior is open-bus with semi-weak pull-ups. The long way around: The cartridge appears not to react at all, leaving the data bus (think of it as a temporary location for all bytes going ...

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