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Cathode ray dude did a video about this using a SPA122 ATA And details about how to set it up here:


There are people around who are running BBS on dialup and emulated lines. The answers given in this related question (which is C64-specific) give some sources of software that may be useful to you. In particular The BBS Corner. However, the site hasn't been updated for a while so you may have to dig around a little.


There is the Linmodem project, made by (who else) Fabrice Bellard. Unfortunately, it is more of a proof-of-concept than a working, ready-to-use driver, and it has been abandoned in that state in 2000. It barely contains incomplete implementations of four Hayes/AT commands and the V.34 protocol, and has not been ported to the modern Linux audio stack (ALSA),...


Not terribly authentic if it is all simulated like that. But more importantly, there is the complication that while much of a modem's capabilities can be handled by software instead of hardware (personally I never found that soft-modems worked very well, but that's a separate issue), the sound card input/output is not going to have the on-off capability and, ...

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