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What could SID do that APU could not?

I don’t know that this adds much beyond the information already in the question, but… A perennial problem with the SID is playing music at the same time as generating sound effects, due to the fact ...
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How did I fry my SID chip?

The amplifier input is biased to about half supply voltage. The SID output is also biased to about half supply voltage. You have little or no bulk/bypass capacitance on the 9V supply pins, so abruptly ...
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What could SID do that APU could not?

The NES had two voices that were designed to produced pulse-wave tones with adjustable volume, one fixed-volume triangle wave output, an adjustable-volume noise channel, and a digital audio output ...
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Open source, non-GPL SID emulator

One open source, non-GPL SID emulator that I have found is another one also called jsSID, but completely independent of the one linked in the original question. This one is available from http://...
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What was the die size of the 6581 SID?

Looking at a series of stepped die shots, and knowing that the steps were 0.5mm one way and 0.45mm the other way, we can estimate the die area as about 27.2 mm².
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How did I fry my SID chip?

This sounds like an ESD/over voltage event might have occurred while you were working with the circuit. The SIDs are extremely sensitive. It is not uncommon for a defective SID to draw excessive ...
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