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There was some mention about a rolling bar that can be used as a pointer. They still have those. I kind of like them. Look up the Contour Roller Mouse. Comes in standard USB and fits in front of a keyboard. Also has mouse buttons and scroll wheel.


No, almost no "home computers" of that era came with a mouse as standard. Booting to a BASIC interpreter with a command line from ROM was the standard back then. In fact - the first input device most people added was a joystick, to play games, not a mouse. The first popular computer that had a mouse as standard was the Apple Macintosh in 1984. ...


Another alternative is to use my Amiga USB Mouse Adapter that I'm selling. It`s also a true usb adapter so you can use any wired or wireless USB mouse.


No, the original BBC Micro came with no peripherals at all. It came in a box with room for the computer itself: and a cable and introductory material: The cut-out in the lower part that seems to be unused above is intended for the power cord, which you can see hanging from the computer. (Image source.) As Brian H pointed out, the BBC Master 512 shipped in ...


By the time mice wheels became widely available (starting with the Microsoft IntelliMouse; the Genius EasyScroll was earlier, but we can ignore that here), support for DOS was a secondary concern, and the “standard” DOS drivers and tools never supported them. As a result, there are limited avenues for wheel support in DOS itself, and DOS emulation ...

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