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Since it is a Commodore PC 30-III, the mouse port is not a serial port and no serial mice should be plugged into it. The mouse port is only compatible with Commodore mice that send the quadrature signals directly, i.e. so called bus mice. If you want to plug in a serial mouse, you must use the only serial port with the DB-25 connector.


In the age of serial mice, there were two completely incompatible standards that most mice emulated (many had a physical switch to select either of both, eg the popular Genius brand mice) - "Microsoft" and "Mouse Systems". A 3 button mouse without a switch is very likely "Mouse Systems" and needs a driver compatible with that ...


Port 023C sounds like it could be compatible with a Microsoft InPort bus mouse. Try a MS mouse driver for DOS (version 8.20 or older) with parameter /I1 or /I2.


Since your mouse has three buttons, it won’t use the same protocol as Microsoft mice (at least, in three-button mode), and won’t be fully supported by the Microsoft driver. Presumably the mouse was originally provided with a suitable driver; if you can find that, it should work. Alternatively, you can try CuteMouse, which is a DOS mouse driver with support ...

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