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To answer my own question I ended up buying a converter from 25 pin serial to 9 pin converter like this : With that I could connect my mouse to the serial port. After I enabled the serial port in BIOS the mouse works perfectly using the standard


I think that both PathMinder and Bourbaki’s 1dir predate your examples, but I don’t know if they are the first DOS-specific dual-pane file managers. PathMinder was first published in 1984, 1dir (pronounced “wonder”) in 1983. 1dir didn’t always show two panes listing files; it only did so when copying files, and I’m not sure whether it did so in its initial ...


Duke Nukem 3D was released in 1996, which is firmly in the PCI-based Socket 7 era. Intel’s Pentium was available at speeds up to 166MHz (200MHz later in 1996), and a variety of x86 CPUs from other manufacturers were available too. A 133MHz Pentium (or similar; I had a 133MHz Cyrix 6x86 166+) paired with a not-rubbish PCI graphics card can run Duke Nukem 3D ...

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