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The main specifications indicate that the ZR24w only supports 60 Hz signals (59.9 – 60.1 Hz) and "text mode" is listed as 640×480. However, in the list of recognized modes in the monitor's manual (p. 37) all the modes are 60 Hz except for: Preset Pixel Format Horz Freq (kHz) Vert Freq (Hz) 2 720 × 400 31.469 70.087 Given the conflicting ...


In theory, to output a blank line in MS-DOS 2.x, you need to add a single space after ECHO: ECHO . This doesn’t work in later versions; there, the documented solution is ECHO followed by a space and then the character obtained by holding down Alt and typing 255 on the numeric keypad. This character is a non-breaking space: ECHO  . (This should also work in ...


This is a consequence of a buggy overflow check. Internally, MS-DOS uses logical block addressing to access file systems. Since version 4.0, MS-DOS uses 32 bits for sector addresses in order to support disks larger than 32 MiB (i.e. than 65536 sectors). To ensure all sectors are addressable with 32 bits, MS-DOS tries to compute the address of the last ...


According to the wiki page, Dawkins wrote the program in BASIC, then rewrote in Pascal, but there was no mention of the platform or the OS. You may want to browse through the Rosettacode selection. There is a Pascal version, but no Basic version specific for MS DOS.

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