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How can I make the Microsoft C compiler for DOS emit a loop with an intermediate jump to continue?

It turns out that in MS C 5.1, in addition to all the /O... options there is one seemingly unrelated one that influences the optimizations for this compiler: /Zi. In the output of CL /help it is ...
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Mixing small and big data models in 16-bit DOS & Watcom

While it would have been sensible and useful to say that a pointer-to-pointer cast which specifies neither a near nor far qualifier would be interpreted as yielding a far-qualified pointer if the ...
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Mixing small and big data models in 16-bit DOS & Watcom

It was because of the wrong cast. The cast should be (uint8_t far*), not (uint8_t*).
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How did John Carmack develop DOS games in Softdisk?

Maybe he meant "early days", not early DOS days, which makes sense as serious Apple games were written in assembly mostly. Most likely (*1) - even more as he only started to do (semi) ...
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