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To answer this part: Were servers OS ever really created with a specific OS for the terminal in mind or were they generally agnostic to what OS that the end-user used? Novell Netware was made with CP/M and MS DOS as its "terminal" OSes in mind (later extended to MS Windows and OS/2, but depending on what you mean by "terminal", these ...


For context, I imagine this question is a follow-on to What exactly has the windows OS relationship been towards MS server offerings? In the Windows world, yes, server editions of the platform were always intended at least in part to manage computers running non-server editions of Windows, going back to Windows NT 3.1 Advanced Server which could serve as a ...


Another factor is the SCSI ID; make sure your HDD is set to 0, and set a lower number than std. in HDToolBox for max. ID, as low as possible, and save the new info to your drive. That way, the SCSI adapter will stop searching for drives as soon as it can, speeding things up a bit.

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