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My primary experience on a PDP-11 class machine was using Forth. We were using it for high-end (at the time) image processing and display algorithms. The advantage is that it is very compact and quick. If you need quicker, you can write "words" (that's Forth for subroutines) incorporating assembly. From a modern perspective, Forth might not ...


Manchester MUSS ran on a PDP11/10, but I can't offer a working PDP11 image for it at the moment as it is lost in passage of time.... It would have been able to do its own memory management and swap, multitasking etc.


RSTS-11 (not RSTS/E) ran on the 11/20. It offered multiuser timesharing in BASIC. I think that in addition to the base 11/20 hardware, you needed a clock. You needed to max out the memory (28 Kwords). V4 was the last RSTS-11 release before it became RSTS/E. System manager's manual for RSTS-11. I have not checked to see if there are software kits available....


The BC-7 had a SQL like query language called ESCORT. You could indeed write a simple query in this manner: SELECT * FROM FILENAME OUTPUT TO PRINTER [] and this would dump the contents of a file.

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