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How did the SysRandom work on Palm Pilot SDK 3.5?

The Palm SysRandom RNG was reverse-engineered by Ian Goldberg and documented e.g. in this Password Generator exploit: /* The PalmOS SysRandom() RNG. */ static unsigned int multiplier = 22695477; ...
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Restore original ROM on PalmOne m515

JackSprat was a tool produced by a company called Brayder, used to remove portions of the original ROM images. It used to produce a ROM backup along with a PRC which could be used to restore it; you ...
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Does anyone have any idea how HotSync works on a byte by byte level, Does anybody have any documentation on the protocol

The pilot-link library you mentioned should contain all the information you need. For example, the pi-dlp.h describes the Direct Protocol Interface for the HotSync protocol Direct protocol interface ...
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Problem accessing Internet from old phones/PDAs (HTTPS, SSL, certificates, compatible services,....)

The problem is the HTTPS today. There is a huge push to migrate off of HTTP and on to HTTPS. But older machines simply can't do the necessary encryption in time. But much of this can be mitigate off-...
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Problem accessing Internet from old phones/PDAs (HTTPS, SSL, certificates, compatible services,....)

For web pages, you can use the Web rendereing proxy, displaying modern web pages inside a GIF and imagemap. It works well, though Google Captcha often thinks (rightfully) that it is not a human ...
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How do I replace the battery on my Palm Zire 21?

iFixit has a (user-contributed) guide on this subject. The Zire battery appears to be a standard 3.7volt 600mAh Lithium-Ion unit, probably originating from cell phones. Amazon shows several non-OEM ...
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CompactFlash driver for Sony Clié (Palm OS) has a copy of CliƩ files that Rich Legg mirrored on his website. These include a file by the name of, which appears to be a June 2003 version of Pelaca's CFUtility (...
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Reusing original Palm memory cards

Assorted sources on the internet indicate that the Palm / Pilot models before the Palm III used "PSRAM", or "pseudo-static RAM" for the replaceable onboard memory. This means a device that contains a ...
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