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Is there an util that maps part of HDD to upper memory to create UMBs?

Probably not much else you can do with that RAM. You say the RAM “is” a RAM drive. It’s far more likely that there is extra RAM on the motherboard and that there is a RAM Drive driver installed that ...
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Isometric fantasy action RPG game for the PC from the late 1990s

I think you're talking about Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, released for Windows in 1997. Fantasy action RPG; Male protagonist; Skulls; Blue tones; Oblique view but these stones look isometric.
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PC DOS E Editor (3.13v): "Not enough memory" error with a file of 1.65 MB and 40 320 lines, even with the /S switch

MS-DOS edit also had trouble with text files as small as a few hundred KB in my experience. When you think about the technical problems involved, and the difficulty of memory management in DOS it's ...
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