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What did it cost the 8086 to support unaligned access?

The Missing Angle It feels a bit like the question misses the most important point about the whole 8086 project over discussing implementation details: 8080/85 compatibility The 8086 was intended as a ...
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Relay computer performance

Well, a good datapoint here may be the Zuse Z3 and Z4 computers. Not at least as their workings are close related to today's computers in being tact controlled as well as using binary floating point ...
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When did CMOS processors become the fastest?

In DEC, the VAX 9000, due to ship in around 1989 but actually delayed somewhat, was a hugely-expensive ECL-based computer. By 1988 it had become clear to some that the NVAX processor, a CMOS ...
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When did CMOS processors become the fastest?

It's hard to put an exact date on it, but the release of the Intel Pentium Pro in 1995 is a good approximation. This was fabricated in Bipolar CMOS (BICMOS) which is now mostly used for mixed analogue-...
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