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What was Pong called in Britain?

Pong. I've lived in the UK for many years and never heard it called Ping! That is news to me. Now, when talking about the video game called Pong, we call it Pong.
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What was Pong called in Britain?

According to Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell, Pong was marketed as "Ping" in the UK. He said so in this 1982 BBC interview ("because evidently Pong is not a good word in England"), ...
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When did various PONG systems overflow/crash due to points?

The original Pong® brand arcade machine used a BCD counter for each player along with an extra flip flop for tens. The machine would end the game at either 11 or 15 points (operator-selectable) ...
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How can I repair a sketchy video signal on a 1977 Pong unit?

The main thing is that the signal changed when you handled the board. That implies to me there’s a loose connection (or more than one). See if you can figure out which it is: wiggle each wire inspect ...
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What was Pong called in Britain?

It was marketed as PONG (note the capitals) and can be seen (subject to current restrictions) at British retro preservation venues like the Centre for Computing History. http://www.computinghistory....
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Anyone have more information on the "Hammerstein TV Games" 1st gen console?

Here is a completed auction for the same model console but with a silver faceplate and black enclosure, and a Teleplay TV Games electronic ray gun, Model No. 710, both with their original boxes: Also ...
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Why was Atari Tank less cloned?

General Instruments produced a chip which would form the basis of a Pong-style video game with the addition of, if memory serves, one or two transistors, some resistors and capacitors, switches, two ...
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When did various PONG systems overflow/crash due to points?

There are many versions of Pong. The Arcade version seems to be limited to scores <20, as suggested by this image. One version on the site of Grant's vintage TV game (pong) collection shows a game ...
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