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A history of failing is maybe a strong statement, but for what it's worth, I've seen a couple of failure modes of the power switch during C64 repairs. The most typical is that solder joints become loose due to the mechanical stress on the button, which can lead to no or poor connection, similar to what you describe. This can normally be fixed by resoldering ...


With only a 250W power supply you may be pushing the limit with two video cards, but it's hard to be sure. Neither of the video cards you're planning on using are particularly power hungry. I suspect nether comes with a fan, and the GeForce2 MX may not even have a heat sink. The PCI connector can only supply 25W and I believe the AGP 1.0 interface had the ...


That's tricky. PC video cards had to be compatible with old CGA/MGA/EGA/VGA standards over ISA which didn't offer plug and play and remapping. Your two video cards may be incompatible, conflicting over accesses to registers, for example the palette or Video RAM in A0000.

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