Programming aspects of retro systems and historical programming languages. Please check for language-specific tags first and use those instead, if applicable.

there needs to be a stackoverflow for asking questions where you need solutions from 25 years ago

Use this tag to ask about historical aspects of programming languages, and programming aspects of retro systems. While programming questions are not within scope in general, certain kinds of programming questions will probably be received well, such as:

  • Programming against obsolete hardware or software interfaces, including using current toolchains to target retro platforms.
  • Origin of programming constructs.
  • Constraints that drove the designs of programming languages (see also ).
  • Implementation of algorithms within the constraints of a retro platform.

Purely algorithmic and ‘logic’ questions that are not specific to a retro platform are probably better asked on Stack Overflow or Computer Science.

Meta questions:

See also language-specific tags: