More historical folklore... As late as 1978, I worked on META-4 systems at Digital Scientific Corporation that still supported punched card readers, and even had to write microcode to allow the systems to be bootstrap loaded from a single punched card. These systems emulated IBM 1130 and 1800 computers, which were typically booted from a single punched card....


Wasn't multi-paunch used back in the day when critical data were entered twice by two different people, "keypunched and verified". I recall that there was a verified punch but don't recall the details.


It's been mentioned already that cards were also used to hold binary data (and programs), specifically, using 2-columns representing 3-bytes. This must have been relatively modern, as prior to the introduction of System-360, IBM's mainframes (IBM 7090 et al) used 6-bit characters, packed 6 to a 36-bit word. I used a (then very old) IBM 7094-II back in the ...

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