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Can x86 processors run 8-bit applications?

There are several aspects to consider to answer your question. The x86 architecture is backwards-compatible with the first CPU of the line, the 8086 (and its sibling, the 8088). What this means is ...
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Why does NT4 fail on boot if you give it an x64 CPU?

If you’re trying to install Windows NT 4 without Service Pack 6, this could be the result of NT4’s mis-handling of the CPUID instruction. In particular, it would crash on anything after CPU family 7; ...
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Can x86 processors run 8-bit applications?

The 8086 is source-code compatible with the 8080 (the other way around is not true). This means that most assembly code written for the 8080 can be assembled so that 8086 instructions are emitted. The ...
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Can x86 processors run 8-bit applications?

A few 16-bit processors can run 8-bit code: the NEC V20 series. The V20 and V30 are the ones you might encounter in a PC. The V20 is a pin-compatible substitute for the 8088, and the V30 for the 8086. ...
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Can x86 processors run 8-bit applications?

There is no such thing as an 8-bit application for the x86 architecture, because the x86 architecture has always been at least 16-bit right from the first generation of x86 processors. The x86 does ...
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Why is QEMU cutting off the last cylinder of the disk image?

QEMU is not at fault here. The discrepancy comes from the BIOS. When I create a disk image as described in the question, then attach it to a QEMU virtual machine and use the info qtree command in the ...
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How to read Microware OS-9 RBF Filesystem under Windows / Linux?

ToolShed seems to be the current maintained OS9/descendants disk manager tool. It's not a file browser but works on the command line. Are you sure your disk image is a valid RBF image, though? ...
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QEMU emulating MS-DOS cannot access CD-ROM

There's reason to believe that this is a qemu bug (actually a problem caused by the configuration of SeaBIOS in qemu 3.0 and 3.1). If this is the case, the CD driver will work fine in qemu 2.12.1 or ...
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QEMU with SunOS 4 - how to transfer files

rlogin and rcp are considered to be somewhat obsolete nowadays and have been replaced by ssh and scp respectively, the first "s" standing fore "secure". The reason I am telling you this is that both ...
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Can x86 processors run 8-bit applications?

Some supplemental things: Years ago, I used a program that emulated 8 bit CP/M on 16 bit DOS machines that were not the special NEC V20/V30 nor the dual-CPU AT&T design. It worked quite well and ...
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Can x86 processors run 8-bit applications?

As mcleod_ideafix pointed out, the x86 architecture is source-compatible with the x80 architecture. This basically means that if you have the original assembly file of a program, you can rougly ...
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Automatic booting of SunOS 4.1.14 in qemu-system-sparc: OpenFirmware vs OpenBIOS

I know of a few people doing this, or at least things much like it. I have found a few links, in case they help.
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