A loud click at beginning/end of the sound, but faint sound inbetween might be caused by a failed DC blocking capacitor. According to the gameboy schematics found at http://www.devrs.com/gb/files/gameboy1.gif, there is a 100µF capacitor in series with the speaker. If this is indeed the case, sound should be working fine at the headphone jack, because it uses ...


I have no definitive information, but I highly doubt it. Why? Moore's Law. In short, the very same technology that is (gradually) enabling "artificial intelligence" (or more specifically, machine learning) is also making those "old systems" totally, utterly obsolete. Think about it: The incredibly inexpensive computers like Raspberry Pi ($35, I think less ...


Yes, I pulled both dead pram batteries our of my emacs, they boot fine, just don’t keep settings when unplugged.

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