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What are these screws called Exact term may depend on manufacturer, but usually they are classed as single threaded, self-tapping with thread-forming as sub-class. The tip shown is close (*1) to a Type B Tip indicating that it's meant to be used with a predrilled hole of about the same diameter as the inner one of the screw. Applicable standards are DIN ...


There is very little information online about this, so I have scraped around and put this together: The screws on the Amiga 500 and 500+ were often Phillips (requiring a #2 Phillips head screwdriver[1]), but hex-socket (Allen key) screws were also used[4]. trall measured the external case screws on an A500 case that appear to be original. They are Torx T9, ...


They are self-tapping but not self-drilling (the tip is also blunt.)

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