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SCSI connectors with 80-68-50pin adapter on 1995 SCSI-2 controller

Solution found. First of all remind the controller "Asus SC 200" must be internally terminated removing the jumper near the 50pin internal connector (in this case because we connect the ...
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Why is the Compaq FWS2ASPI.SYS driver not recognized as an ASPI driver?

As for example MEM /DEBUG reveals, the Compaq SCSI driver FWS2SCSI.SYS registers itself using the device driver name SCSICPQ$: C:\>MEM /DEBUG Detaillierte √úbersicht des konventionellen Speichers: ...
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How can I restore a TapeDisk backup on a modern PC?

You may be able to access your tape drive from Windows. Drivers and utilities were available for the tape drive from Sony up to 64-bit Windows XP, eg at (unverified) https://www.helpdrivers.com/...
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Retrieving Files from Power Mac 7600

Some other options that don't seem to have been mentioned: Find an old SCSI CD/DVD burner to connect to the 7100 and copy your files over to that, using Toast or something similar. Setup an FTP ...
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