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As is mentioned in the comments this is a bay that accepts PATA devices in suitable caddies. using the 50-way beam connector to connect the caddy to the ATA bus and power. As the bay takes up a half-height 5.25" bay, the only devices it will accept will be smaller than that, mostly 3.5" drives. with a suitable caddy. you're better off mounting a &...


You cannot plug or connect any SCSI devices. That is not an IDE to SCSI adapter. That is a drive bay for quickly exchanging IDE drives to a computer. The connector is simply a passive connector for passing through IDE bus signals and power supplies into the box where the IDE drive is in. Due to the connector having IDE signals and 5V and 12V power supplies, ...


There's the SCSI2SD which lets you use an SD card as a SCSI hard drive. Other than that, I'm not aware of any recent SCSI devices. Also, SCSI doesn't provide power, making it less suitable for fans or mug warmers. You can, of course, use a SCSI CD ROM drive as a cup holder.

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