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If you want to compile amiga programs so they run on Linux (because you have the source code), you can use a native compiler and AROS (amiga research OS) development files (includes and libraries) You'll get a Linux executable but with AROS OS simulation layer. You may stumble into endianness issues but since your question was "can I emulate AmigaOS ...


Seems what you want is actually a cross-compiler (native binaries on native system targetted at foreign system and cpu) not an emulator with a compiler running on it. I could be wrong, but it seems the former is actually less work than the latter. Of course, there is value in a general compatibility layer that works for the cli, but compilers are arguably a ...


I've done my first shares of Genesis disassembly with Charles Doty's DISASM.exe. Please, note that you will need to run it in DOSBox.


If you object using non-demo ida pro, you can try Ghidra tool, which is much like ida pro (and not simply an disassembler!). It is open source and does support 68000.


There was a tool from Borland that came with Borland Delphi 1.0. You pointed it at an EXE and it would show you all the resources that were embedded in the file. It was extremely useful. I don't remember the name of the application, maybe something like "Resource Viewer" or "Resource Manager"? Maybe something like that. If I recall, ...

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