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A partial answer that I nevertheless hope contributes: It doesn’t sound like an Acorn machine because the data isn’t in chunks, and probably isn’t an Amstrad because that uses the same physical encoding as the Spectrum so the lead-in tone for samples 3 & 4 would be the same as for 1 & 2. By ear, my best guess for Tape 4 is a Commodore but I couldn’t ...


Several of the approaches listed in the answers to Why did MS-DOS applications built using Turbo Pascal fail to start with a division by zero error on faster systems? should work; in particular, c’t’s patch, which includes a working Delay routine, or one of the Pascal fix TSRs.


Surprisingly, googling "Runtime error 200" yields this, which still refers to the defunct Altavista: Borland: Runtime Error 200 - 'Divide by 0' Applications that use the CRT unit may generate this error message when running on very fast machines (i.e. Pentium Pro 180 and above). The cause of this error is a timing loop that occurs as part of the ...


I made some comments but I think I'm going to go ahead and give you an answer. You are speaking of console games being imported, so you are speaking specifically of the Japanese market. At the time of the 8 and 16-bit consoles, games were almost EXCLUSIVELY made in Japan, yet the consoles enjoyed worldwide popularity. But if you added together ALL the other ...

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