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Sony PVM (PVM-14M1J, NTSC-J) Displaying the Wrong Colors

Note: I'm still working on completely understanding the problem. Solution (RGB) I've managed to partially solve this issue only for the RGB channels by connecting each cable to the corresponding ...
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I cleaned the grease off an old floppy drive’s motor; do I need to lubricate it?

It sounds like you've cleaned-off the lubricant grease that is there to facilitate the movement of the rotor. It was almost certainly the original factory-applied material, and therefore likely to be ...
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Sony PVM (PVM-14M1J, NTSC-J) Displaying the Wrong Colors

Swapping the R-Y and B-Y connections in a component video connection will yield a picture where red and blue are swapped, which sounds like what you're seeing. Component video connections that use ...
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Sony PVM (PVM-14M1J, NTSC-J) Displaying the Wrong Colors

Try the following to diagnose this issue: (This was written in response to a previous draft of the question referring to component video, not composite video.) Ensure the component cable is fully ...
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