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suppose it's possible that the PlayStation audio format does have the required instruments, and then they added the few repeated audio samples on top of that in the game engine There are no instruments "built into" the PlayStation. Games provide their own. The PlayStation sound chip is basically a 24-channel ADPCM playback with 512KB of sample ...


It's a PSF (Portable Sound Format, see Wikipedia) music file, the PlayStation equivalent of the Amiga's module (.mod) format, where sound samples and replay data sequences are stored inside one file, so tracked music instead of streamed music.


Having multiple graphics or sound chips in a system has exactly the effects you would expect. It would allow the composite system to perform multiple processing tasks at once, with the results of each contributing processor being combined into the final output (or spread across multiple outputs), producing more sophisticated visuals or sounds. Graphics: ...


Double-SID mod for Commodore 64 is quite popular. Simultaneous work with CGA and MDA, albeit on different monitors, was also quite popular. Sharp X68000 deserves special attention, taking into account its popular hardware extensions. A classic example of doubling VDP is PC Engine SuperGrafx. Considering the principles of operation of the graphic subsystems ...

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