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Device access APIs in Windows 9x

The low-level Win32 userspace device access API in Windows 9x is actually not all that different from the one in Windows NT: given a path pointing to a device node (which starts with \\.\), you can ...
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Device access APIs in Windows 9x

For 3D rendering specifically, Windows display drivers expose a so called Direct3D Device Driver Interface ( DDI did exist ...
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Why would installing Windows 9x on a Sager NP8200 or Wedge 466/DX2 laptop brick the system?

My theory for the Sager NP8200 case after some Internet search is that those laptops were having their video cards or some other critical components killed by setup during PnP hardware detection. A ...
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How can I restore a TapeDisk backup on a modern PC?

You may be able to access your tape drive from Windows. Drivers and utilities were available for the tape drive from Sony up to 64-bit Windows XP, eg at (unverified)
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