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Did Windows NT 4 emulate x86 on non-Intel platforms?

There was x86 emulation on Windows NT, on MIPS, Alpha, and PowerPC — in fact, more than x86 emulation, PC emulation. The operating system itself ran natively, and applications could be built natively ...
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Why does NT4 fail on boot if you give it an x64 CPU?

If you’re trying to install Windows NT 4 without Service Pack 6, this could be the result of NT4’s mis-handling of the CPUID instruction. In particular, it would crash on anything after CPU family 7; ...
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Which generations of PowerPC did Windows NT 4 run on?

In general, NT3.51 for PowerPC should run on all PReP machines (Specs) from IBM or Motorola (*1), as long as it features an ARC bootloader - that's why it won't come up on CHRP PowerPC Macs with Open ...
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Did Windows NT 4 emulate x86 on non-Intel platforms?

Here's a screenshot on Windows NT for Alpha showing x86 emulation support See Exploring Windows 2000 on Alpha together with YOU It uses FX!32 for emulation FX!32 is a software emulator program that ...
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