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Why does NT4 fail on boot if you give it an x64 CPU?

If you’re trying to install Windows NT 4 without Service Pack 6, this could be the result of NT4’s mis-handling of the CPUID instruction. In particular, it would crash on anything after CPU family 7; ...
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Which generations of PowerPC did Windows NT 4 run on?

In general, NT3.51 for PowerPC should run on all PReP machines (Specs) from IBM or Motorola (*1), as long as it features an ARC bootloader - that's why it won't come up on CHRP PowerPC Macs with Open ...
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Linker running on DOS 8086 to create Win32 PE .exe programs

It's certainly possible to write a linker for WIN32 PE that runs on 8086 MS-DOS. I'm not surprised that nobody seems to have done it, because when these technologies were emerging, Intel-based ...
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How did Citrix for Windows NT 3.1 work?

There wasn't one. Citrix WinFrame began with NT 3.5 and 3.51, I believe. There is some info on how it works on ToastyTech: The earlier version ran on OS/2 ...
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