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Did Windows 2.x actually receive support until end of 2001?

AFAIK MS started setting formal support lifecycles for Windows in February 2001. Before then things like MSRC security bulletins did not really exist.
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Windows War Strategy Game

Here are two shareware games that I found: Fields of Battle The Great War: 1914-1918 All images courtesy of MobyGames.
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Windows War Strategy Game

Could it have been Winwar II 2.0 or 3.0? I used to play it on Windows 95, but I remember it having a very distinct Windows 3.1 feeling to it. It was basically a computer version of the board game Axis ...
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Windows War Strategy Game

I don't know if it's the game you're looking for (it might be too old), but I have fond memories of playing World War II in Western Europe by W R Hutsell (and the sibling American Civil War game).
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Windows War Strategy Game

I believe you're thinking of the shareware game World Empire IV, which was a popular turn-based strategy game for Windows 3 and up. The objective was to obliterate all your opponents and take over the ...
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How did Citrix for Windows NT 3.1 work?

There wasn't one. Citrix WinFrame began with NT 3.5 and 3.51, I believe. There is some info on how it works on ToastyTech: The earlier version ran on OS/2 ...
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Windows War Strategy Game

Possible match for Civilization: Early 90's, multi-platform including PC Large map of Europe covering 75% of screen Plays Handel's Sarabande in D Minor as a MIDI track (PC version) Not a WWI/WWII ...
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