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What are the technical differences between the Midway 8080 and Taito 8080 hardware boards?
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I personally have repaired many of these board sets of both vendors. I own a midway space invaders and a few TAITO Space invaders board sets. The differences arise through the licensing agreement. ...

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Preventing socketed chip corrosion?
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7 votes

As already stated, there is no solution. I am a collector/restorer of stand up video arcade machines and pinball machines, and these all suffer from corrosion. Even after I have cleaned and restore a ...

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Troubleshooting and reparing an Atari 800XL with a single key not working
3 votes

After finding this community just in the last couple days, some of these questions bring back great memories from my younger days. I used to repair the ATARI computers and did modifications to bump up ...

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How did "Ballblazer" pull off fast, smooth, first-person, solid-model 3D on Atari 8-bits?
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While all these answers make up part of the reason for the great screen refresh rate, there is one big item that actually makes the game work so smoothly, blitter chip. The 'Ballblazer' cartridge was ...

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