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How could Amiga computers play 14 bit sound?
22 votes

As the sound channels had independent linear 64-step volume control (6 bits + mute setting), by calibration and splitting sample bits for one 14bit waveform across two channels, two-channel 14bit (...

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How did programs/patches stopping Amiga idle floppy drive noise work?
21 votes

The sound came from the fact that drives would only report on the presence of a disk if the heads were moved. Thus by default, the OS would move the heads back and forth. Alternatively, the heads ...

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What did disk-validator do?
9 votes

It would work in simple cases where there was a crash during a write in such a way that it would simply not finish. What would happen as part of a write was that the bitmap(s) indexing unused blocks (...

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What tricks or techniques were used to speed up AmigaOS boot
2 votes

With a spare megabyte of RAM you could also install Workbench or equivalent in a resident bootable RAM disk ("RAD:"), so you could boot from RAM with no moving parts. Of course that will ...

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