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A happy contract engineer who learned that the satisfaction of engineering was more than I suspected. I am focused on improving and updating my skills and personally compelling areas of technology.

Recent contracts include

  • In 2010 and 2014, upgraded a real-time fault-tolerant system controller which manages safety of all of northern+central California's transmission power grid.
  • prototyped a B2B LAMP website
  • an embedded control and monitoring system for a high power ultraviolet-based water processing unit.
  • In 2011, developed firmware for an embedded airborne system which reacts to airborne and ground threats using 3D Great Circle trigonometry and assesses thousands of threats per second.
  • In 2012, converted a handcrafted non-MVC PHP website to fully MVC CodeIgniter/PHP/Linux/MySQL/S3.
  • Embedded firmware maintenance for a well known printer manufacturer.


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