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“software is to poetry as architecture is to sculpture.”

I have over 35 years of experience programming systems from the smallest to the largest. I currently specialize in Ruby on Rails, have experience with iOS, node.js, AngularJS and Sinatra. Interested in learning Swift, Elixir and Phoenix. I am experienced in all aspects of the Rails stack, am proficient with standards-compliant XHTML/CSS, and a whiz at js/jQuery/CoffeeScript. I treat my code as an expression of art and beauty.

In addition, I have a rich interdisciplinary background, including mobile technology, web design, entertainment, and business; usability and security; computer graphics, design and programming; intellectual property and digital rights theory and practice; corporate and academic research with over 17 patents; interactive television; and art exhibitions, commissions, and permanent installations in museums and collections around the world.

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