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BYTE Magazine outside the U.S
9 votes

ASUS had issued 《0與1科技》雜誌 (literally 0 & 1 technology) since 1981 in Taiwan which was subtitled as BYTE 中文版 (literally BYTE Mandarin Version). Further relationship is unclear. Its website http://...

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What was the first computer to support Arabic writing?
2 votes

Baudot code can be used to represent abjad, and I wouldn't be surprised if a mainframe be interfaced with an Arabic ASR-33 (though an ASCII TTY, it has a 5-bit sibling ASR-32). http://www.quadibloc....

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What was the rationale behind 36 bit computer architectures?
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I happen to find an explanation on 36-bit floatpoint advantage over 32-bit from an article in the WIKI, which I found interesting but unable to verify. It says. The 1100 Series has used a 36-bit word ...

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When did compilers start generating optimized code that runs faster than an average programmer's assembly code?
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Quotes Peter Cordes Many years ago I was teaching someone to program in C. The exercise was to rotate a graphic through 90 degrees. He came back with a solution that took several minutes to complete, ...

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Why were programs entered on punch cards instead of paper tapes?
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I'm no historian, and this is not a valid answer. It is just that it cannot fix in a comment. But I don't see why punched card any better than fanfold tape. Tape predates cards. Folded tape dates ...

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