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Why use static RAM addresses instead of the stack?
23 votes

As mentioned previously the timing issue is the cause not to waste time in pushing up parameters, access them with cost-intensive addressing modes and pull them finally from stack. Too much action if ...

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How can I overclock my Commodore 64?
12 votes

To get a faster operation there are several "extensions" around, which are either connected to the extension slot or replacing the CPU on its socket working like a coprocessor. CMD's SuperCPU, Flash 8,...

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Emulators running on 8-bit personal computers
9 votes

One strange variant is an emulator running on a 8-bit CPU to emulate a ARMv6 CPU with the aim to run Linux (Details). As one can imagine the boot process takes its time ...

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6510 clock rate of C64: Why was it considerably slower than the 6502 of the Atari 800?
9 votes

It's mainly based on VICII's (or generally for memory mapped video adapters) demand together with limitations on access time for RAM and ROM components. VICII has to access the RAM (video character, ...

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What is this code on the zero page that was put there by the BASIC ROM?
7 votes

In addition to the Community Wiki answer: This routine with entries CHRGET and CHRGOT is not only part of the interpreter loop, it used in every statement and function which has to "parse" further ...

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Advantages to installing a parallel port in a C1541-family drive other than speed
2 votes

A parallel cable helps to copy special formatted disks with an original drive connected to a C64 or even a PC. The problem is the limited RAM (2 KB) on a 1541 that prevents to store a full track ...

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