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How was the C language ported to architectures with non-power-of-2 word sizes?
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There is some code left over in the pcc codebase showing how the GCOS compiler (for the Honeywell/GE 6000 series) worked, it used 9-bit (ASCII, most likely) characters natively, but supported 6-bit ...

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What is the version of Unix and the name of the computer it run on in this 1982 video?
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The "p" program shown is a rudimentary pager (just stopped each 22 lines to wait to hit enter - 22 was chosen because some tools formatted output into 66-line pages with headers and footers) that ...

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The history of the NULL pointer
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For the PDP-11, you're thinking of physical address 0 for interrupt vectors. Logical address 0 in a user program just contains the first bytes of program code, i.e. the primary entry point ("start" ...

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