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I am a software consultant with an MSc in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, I did some research into optimal control, but got disillusioned with Academia. I have been programming professionally ever since 1998, in various roles including Team Lead, Architect and Trainer, usually in the context of embedded systems.

I have been programming in C++ since 1991, and in Python since 2006--which are currently the two languages I use most.

I started programming in 1983 in Basic on the ZX Spectrum, quickly graduating to Z80 assembly. At Uni I learnt the usual languages: Pascal, Modula II, Occam, C etc. I vowed never to program in Fortran after having to use it in Uni.

I would love to program in Go, but it does not support embedded platforms yet... On the platforms that it does support, I use Python, which is more than fast enough for my needs--even for real-time software--and much more flexible.

I have done some work in Java and C#, but I much prefer Python. What is the point in trying to remember the difference between an int and an Integer? Life is too short...

My programming style has recently (2018) moved from mostly OO to mostly Functional, and I am not the only one. OO sucks, except in the lowest levels of the programming tree. Python supports both styles well, and C++ is getting there...


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