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20 votes

How widely used was 0xDEADBEEF?

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Why did many 9-pin printers use only 8 pins for graphics?

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How was digital sound playback achieved on the Commodore 64?

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How to use BASIC after "LOAD "$",8 on the C64

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What technological factors drove the rise of "high-speed" modems in the early 1990s?

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Was drilling 3"5 720 KiB floppies to 'upgrade' them to 1440 KiB at all reliable?

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How can I view an Error Info Block in a D64 image?

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How to read disk files using CBM specific functions in cc65 with proper error checking

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Transfer files to DOS over serial cable from Linux?

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Is it possible in Commodore BASIC V2.0 to configure the system so that the PRINT command does not update color?

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How can a C64 interrupt let the KERNAL keep operating?

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Does anybody remember a database cartridge for the Commodore 64?